Farmers beautiful human beings - my rafiques Amazing cultures to see in Kenya-Maasai pastroalists in Central Kajiado Samburu warriers in Westgate Conservancy in Samburu Kenya

I work with Farmers community (including pastoralist, agro-pastoralist, lowland and highland- small scale or large scale farmers) and to educate them and give them awareness about the importance of multipurpose trees and conservation of their natural resources, impact of deforestation, illegal logging and charcoal making.

I also work with school children as well as women groups in Pastoral areas such as Samburu, Turkana, Pokot, Tugen, Ilchamus, Somali in Kenya ;  Maasai in Tanzania & Kenya); Sukuma in Tanzania; Oromo , Somali and Tigray, Afar in Ethiopia and Karimojong communities in Uganda.

Collection of some important seeds of trees and shrubs from the wild, then how to make nursery beds, where to plant seedling all part of my teaching to pastoral communities. Pastoral communities are much more vulnerable compared to highland farmers in East Africa due to erratic rains, droughts and deforestation.

With small scale agroforestry farmers, I help them to grow right trees with their food crops so that farmer can have enough fruit, firewood, medicinal, timber and forage for their livestock and trees can bring some extra income. Based on different agro ecosystem, one can integrate right type of trees with their food crops. Small-scale farmers in East Africa need help in this area. I also distribute seeds and give them seedlings of right trees so that farmers are encourage to grow more trees on farm.

In my small way, I will always continue helping farmers whenever I can by providing those seeds, seedlings, give them workshop on nursery beds, provide them bags to plants seeds and lectures on important medicinal plants to cure human and livestock diseases. Also encourage them to grow more and more trees for their children’s livelihood.

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