Dr. Najma Dharani works as senior lecturer at Pwani University in the Department of Environmental Sciences and as Consultant Research Scientist at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF-HQ) in Nairobi-Kenya, holds PhD in Plant/Environmental Ecology and has authored several botanical books namely;

  • Medicinal Plants of East Africa

  • Field Guide to Acacias of East Africa

  • Trees and Shrubs of East Africa and

  • Common Antimalarial Trees and Shrubs of East Africa( A description of species and a guide to cultivation and conservation through use).

  • Traditional ethnoveterinary medicine in East Africa. (A manual on the use of medicinal plants)
  •  Food Trees- Volume one – Fruit Trees of Kenya

This website elucidates to greater extent on Botany as broad branch of Plant and Environmental Ecology. It goes ahead to to elucidate on the essence of conserving the environment and the repercussions of failing to take initiative steps and procedures in environmental conservation.

It also seek to educate on various types and species of flora and fauna to depth including textual and pictorial reference from books written by the same author (Najma Dharani). The content of these books and literal works have been engineered from the East Africa region, a region embracing Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

This site will be of aid especially to those involved in similar works or related fields of study in conducting more concrete and comprehensive researches.

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